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Every year, Britain attracts millions of visitors to its shores. For most, their visit is quiet and uneventful. But for a small but significant number, they fall victim to a number of targeted schemes designed to exploit the vulnerability of travellers and visitors. This is particularly acute for high-net-worth individuals and business travellers, who can risk kidnap, assault or worse at the hands of sophisticated criminal gangs in the UK.

    That’s where PEL Security Services can assist. We have experience providing international bodyguarding, bodyguarding UK wide and close protection services, and we regularly help work on developing solutions for people coming to the UK who might be at risk. Our bodyguards are trained professionals who focus on providing an individualised service that places a premium on risk avoidance. We’re courteous, friendly and hard-working – our priority is our clients and their families, and we always go to great lengths to prevent threats from ever coming close.

    If you’re coming to the UK, speak with us before you come; we’ll be able to discuss appropriate close protection UK-specific measures that can be put in place to guarantee your safety, and we’ll be able to assign one of our team to provide bodyguards in the UK and close protection abroad. No matter how complex your situation is, PEL Security Services is able to find a solution that will keep you and your loved ones safe.

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