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Sporting event security is one of the most important aspects of your sporting event.
Whether your sporting event is in a huge, crowded stadium or an outdoor cross-country competition over different locations, our specialized sporting event security guards can provide instant safety from start to finish. We are one of the top event management companies in London and the UK.

PEL Security Services officers can assist you in protecting your participants, spectators, and event officials, as well as deterring unruly spectators or turning-away people at point of entry who are considered a threat.

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We’ll also work closely with you from the very beginning until the day itself, so that your specific requirements are met. Everyone knows that hosting a sporting event comes with a huge responsibility, which is why we’re here to offload some of the stress and make sure that nothing harmful ruins it.

As an event management company in London we can provide bespoke services which will cover all kinds of sporting events at any venue, by making an assessment at the beginning we’ll know exactly how to plan for anything unexpected.

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All our security guards are trained in first aid, have the skills to carry out evacuation procedures and emergency service liaisons.

Be confident that your event will run as intended with our event management London experienced and proactive security team.

Each member of our sporting security team is fully qualified and experienced in sporting event security, trained to the highest standard, with skills in access point security to ensure complete co-operation from those entering and exiting the venue.

Our team specialises in crowd control, mobile and static security so every possible area is protected.

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We have a dedicated team, that have vast experience in both operational and security aspects of international and domestic sporting events. These include, but are not limited to, World Cups, International Series, Domestic Games and Premiership Rugby. Our dedicated security team are sports specific trained to include a wide range of venues and spectator needs. Our focus is to ensure and enhance a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for the spectator experience. We cover a range of areas in the UK including event management in London, event security in Coventry, event security in Leeds and many other areas.

We also offer security management services in Plymouth, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Cambridge. Don’t worry if your location is not listed here as we cover most of the UK so please get in touch with us. 

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