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The UK’s number one event security service provider, PEL Security Services, provides a complete security solution for all your commercial and residential requirements in and around Cambridge. We offer a first-class service from trained, experienced and qualified staff 24/7, 365 days throughout the year. Whether it is protecting your business, event or home, we will provide you with unbeatable service.

Close protection Cambridge

Always Prepared

Our Close Protection Officers (CPOs) are trained to provide professional security services for those who need it most, whether they’re high-net-worth individuals or influential people in politics or business.

Since we were founded, we have provided armed and unarmed protection services to some of the world’s most prestigious individuals, including celebrities and government officials.

Our top-tier close protection Cambridge officers have undergone rigorous training in various facets of guarding, including self-defence, event security, crowd control and physical restraint techniques. They provide a variety of services, including:
• Escort duty
• Protection during meetings or conferences
• Prevention of crime or threats


Event Security

PEL sporting event security Cambridge is the best in the business. We specialise in providing security services during sporting and other large-scale events, including concerts, festivals, and conventions. Our security guards are always there to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time. They do everything from deterring unruly spectators, turning away people they don’t feel are safe, and keeping the peace in general.

Hotel Security

PEL hotel security Cambridge is here to help you stay safe and secure when visiting the area. Here are some of the services we offer:
• 24/7 CCTV Cambridge surveillance services to help keep an eye on your property when you’re not around
• Emergency response services to ensure that something doesn’t happen to you or your property during the day or night
• Door access control systems so that you can always know who is inside and outside the building at all times

Retail Security

When it comes to retail security Cambridge, we’re here for you. Our expert team designed solutions so that they can help you protect your business from the many challenges you may face today. We can help you with:
• Shoplifting: Whether it’s a simple theft or an elaborate heist, our expert team of security professionals can help you to keep your product safe and secure.
• Stock damage: Theft of stock is a serious problem, but we can also prevent damage by providing a range of security solutions that will safeguard your valuable inventory.
• Organized crime: Organized crime groups are becoming more sophisticated and effective as they work together to infiltrate legitimate businesses, so it’s essential that you’re protected from them too.
• Terrorist threats: Terrorism threatens our lives and property, so we provide a range of security solutions designed to keep terrorists out of your store.

Residential Security

PEL Security Services provides the best residential security Cambridge services in the area. We have been offering these services for years, and we have seen it all. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and dedication to make sure your home is safe and secure.

Our guards are trained to be on the lookout for suspicious activity, whether that means checking the front door or getting a closer look at strangers who seem out of place. The guards are also trained to deal with situations requiring immediate response, such as thefts or accidents.

We also provide home security systems, such as an alarm system that will keep you safe from break-ins and other threats!

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