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PEL Security Services Close protection officers (CPOs) are responsible for assessing security measures, providing discreet, low key surveillance and counter surveillance, protecting clients from threats of physical violence and harm.

The threat of attack against VIP and high-net-worth individuals has risen and continues to rise. Therefore, hiring a close protection services company is a necessity for many individuals and organizations across the world who need to protect themselves, their families, and their assets.

PEL Security Services diverse clients benefit from discreet, professional, reliable and trusted services.

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We recognize the specific needs of each individual client and will tailor your bespoke close protection security plan accordingly. Whether its security management for an overseas business trip, chaperoning your children to school or your desire to increase your overall day-to-day safety and security management, we have the right package for you – all done with minimal impingement on your private and personal life. We offer our close protection services in London and the greater UK area.

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The engagement of a conscientious and trusted close protection security team provides you with a welcome sense of reassurance, giving peace of mind that allows you to preserve the lifestyle that you want. However, selecting your close protection team must be carefully thought out.

PEL Security Services

Close Protection For Sports Teams

Tailored Protection Plans

PEL Security Services offer extensive and discrete close protection operations within the corporate, music and sporting sectors.

The service is always tailored to match the individual requirements of PEL Security Service’s diverse portfolio of clients. Whether it’s accommodating a celebrity appearance, securing acts on tour, and protecting the venue in which they are performing in, or match day operations consisting of close protection for an entire sporting team: PEL Security Service hold the specialist skills and knowledge to guarantee an exceptional provision.

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