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You can’t put a price on your safety, but you can certainly take steps to protect it. Bodyguards are one of the most effective ways to ensure that you, your employees, their families or any other at-risk individuals are protected against all kinds of threats that they might be facing. At PEL Security Services we provide bodyguarding throughout Scotland, and are equipped to handle a wide variety of threats.

    We specialize in close protection solutions; we know that the best way of protecting high-value targets is putting a trained professional in the way to dynamically assess threats on a continuing basis and manage them. Our bodyguards will seek to avoid risky situations in the first instance, advising on potential dangers which might arise. However, if anything adverse happens they’re experienced in physical de-escalation strategies to handle dangerous situations in a way that will cause minimum harm to all concerned.

    Our team are skilled, courteous, professional and has experience bodyguarding Scotland-based individuals. We recruit a diverse mix of people, who we vet carefully to ensure that they are appropriate for any particular assignment. Our team have experience working in all kinds of situations, from protecting children to helping executives. Adaptable and mobile, our close protection Scotland team will be able to provide protection to clients throughout Scotland and can assist with tasks beyond as well.

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